We design and manufacture products and systems that provide ventilation to commercial buildings, hospitals and apartments. We have a wide range of experience in both natural (wind and temperature driven) ventilation and mechanical (fan forced) ventilation.

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Temporary and re-purposed buildings that are being utilised to house and treat COVID-19 patients generally do not to have suitable ventilation systems and certainly not negatively pressurised isolation rooms (which are critical for control of virus transmission). The role that indoor air quality plays in patient recovery times and minimisation of pathogen transmission rates is well known and is of key consideration by health professionals.

Temporary Hospital Ventilation Systems 1


The Ventüer temporary hospital ventilation solutions enable such buildings to be quickly retrofitted with equipment that ensures suitable fresh air supply and allows rooms to be negatively pressurised where required.


No significant modifications to existing HVAC systems are required, and the installation can be easily carried out by any competent tradesperson.



We recognise that every building is different and has different ventilation requirements. Our solutions are easily adaptable to suit location-specific requirements.


Rapid Response Time Frames

These systems have been designed around products that
are stocked and readily available in New Zealand, and can be procured, assembled and delivered at very short notice.

Easily Customised & Adapted

We will fabricate and assemble these systems on demand,
and can easily modify them to suit building and location-specific requirements.

Simple & Robust Construction

These solutions are designed for rapid deployment and for
use in temporary situations, and can be installed by any competent tradesperson if certified HVAC technicians are not available.

Life Saving!

We are rapidly realising that COVID-19 can be easily transmitted through the
air, even though it is not "airborne" in the sense that smallpox or tuberculosis is. Correct ventilation and negative pressurisation of isolation room will save New Zealand lives.


HEPA Filtered Extraction Unit

Suitable ventilation of temporary and re-purposed hospital rooms is obviously key to patient wellbeing and recovery. Where patients present a risk of expelling airborne pathogens, it may also be necessary to house them in negatively pressurised isolation rooms. Ventüer is able to provide portable HEPA filtered extraction units for this purpose. Using off-the-shelf componentry readily available in New Zealand, these units can be constructed quickly and customised to suit the location-specific requirements. Utilising high quality filters, optional BIBO (bag in / bag out) filter housings and powerful yet quiet mixed flow fans, these extraction units are simple, easy to use and effective.

The top outlet can be connected to standard flexible ductwork, and the intake at the base is protected with a perforated metal mesh and pre-filter to prevent large particles being sucked in. Standard configuration draws air in at the base and exhausts through the top, however this can be reversed if required. The interior of the unit is lined with high density sound absorbing medium to ensure operation is as quiet as possible. Although actual noise levels will be dependent on the size of the unit and fan used, we believe the average unit will be below 50 dBA.

Window Mounted Two-Way Ventilator

For temporary and re-purposed buildings that do not currently include suitable mechanical ventilation systems, the Window Mounted Two-Way Ventilator can be paired with a portable HEPA Filtered Extraction Unit to provide fresh air supply and exhaust. Designed to be “glazed in” to existing window joinery in place of an original glass pane, these units are custom sized to suit your existing windows.

The lower portion of the ventilator allows the exhausting airstream to be released to the exterior of the building, and directs it downwards away from the intake located in the upper half. A weather resistant louvre allows fresh air in at the top of the ventilator, which is then filtered through a removable panel filter and regulated with a manually adjustable volume control damper. Heating elements can also be incorporated into the fresh air supply module for further conditioning of the incoming air.

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Window Mounted Exhaust Grille

For buildings with a suitable existing fresh air supply system, the HEPA Filtered Extraction Unit can be ducted directly to the outside through a weather louvre and sealed plenum box. These can be custom sized and are designed to be “glazed in” to existing windows joinery. Thanks to being a sealed unit, they allow the room to be negatively pressurised.

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ceiling 2.png
ceiling 1.png

Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Pan

When negatively pressurising an internal room with no access to an external wall, the HEPA Filtered Extraction Unit can be connected to the existing return air grille in the rooms ceiling and the outgoing air exhausted through the primary building HVAC system. These exhaust pans can be mechanically fixed to the return air grille, or dropped in to suspended ceiling grids.