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FlowQuip have been busy dispatching our stainless “KNEEFLOW" basins to provide Hospitals and essential Industries additional hand washing facilities. This model is activated by the user’s knee removing the cross-contamination risk associated with tap handles. Comes complete with water mixing valve for the ultimate hand rinsing temperature.


Flowquip can also provide custom built stainless sanitation stations,
which come complete with our own industrial grade hands-free taps
and sensor soap/sanitiser dispensers options. These have a lead
time of 4-7 days depending on complexity.


Our industrial grade sensor taps for both water, soap and even sanitizer can be easily retrofitted or paired with traditional washbasins to provide a “touch-free” hand washing experience.

Talk to us about our turnkey supply and installation services.



UV Disinfection of surfaces with the UV-Guard Wand.

UV-Guard’s UV Disinfection Wand (W-Series) is a handheld device used for decontamination of viruses, bacteria and moulds located on surfaces. The UV-Guard Wand is used by slowly passing it over potentially contaminated surfaces. The UVC radiation applied to these surfaces results in pathogens being destroyed outright or being unable to replicate. This improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and reduces the spread of disease.


UV Disinfection of air and surfaces in rooms.

UV-Guard’s IR-Series is an in-room UV disinfection
system for use in medical industries and food & beverage
applications. The ceiling or wall mounted IR-Series destroys
microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, mould spores and
yeasts in health facility and food processing rooms.


UV Disinfection system for Air Handling Units (AHU).

UV-Guard’s AHU-Series is a UV disinfection system for air
handling units in heating, ventilating and air conditioning
systems (HVAC). Uniquely customised for each application,
an AHU-Series UV disinfection solution can be offered for
any size of AHU.


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