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WARDfast aided the rapid mobilisation of NHS Nightingale field hospitals

WARDfast modular PVC partitioning solution was approved for use by the NHS and supplied to several temporary field hospitals and a number of key hospitals and trusts across the UK and Ireland.

Over 4000 metres of the versatile product was supplied to the NHS Nightingale North West alone, located in Manchester’s G-MEX centre. WARDfast also aided the rapid mobilisation of Bangor’s temporary field hospital inside a sports centre, as well as suppling the NHS Louisa Jordan (SEC, Glasgow) and other places with temporary rooms.

WARDfast has a modular design and is quick to install, which was imperative to getting the G-MEX transformed quickly. WARDfast panels were used to setup individual bed bays in a partition layout enabling ‘passive observation’ of patients. A partner at Westgate, said: “We’re really thrilled that our WARDfast product has been chosen to support the setup of NHS Nightingale hospitals, and that we have been able to play our small part in the huge efforts being made by the NHS, Government, British Army and building contractors”.

WARDfast walls are built using our innovative modular screening system; hygienic, quick to install and used by hospitals to temporarily segregate spaces or create rooms. Used floor-to-ceiling (for greater infection control), our modular partition can segregate patients for short or long-term requirements. ​



• Mobilisation within weeks

• Rapid on and off site set up

• Capacity planning for thousands!

• Infection control approved

• Complete layout design package

• Installation or self assembly

• 100% sustainable/recyclable walls

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