Wardfast is a forward-thinking collaboration who have used their reliable networking contacts to put together a turnkey rapid supply of hospital essentials to meet increased demand created by current needs.

Wardfast is designed so that the healthcare sector can rapidly mobilise off and on site ward set ups, with the flexibility to adapt for patient population changes. Wardfast also provide a number of hospital grade sanitation and infection control products suitable for public places (airports etc) as well as schools and businesses who want and need assured protection.

Offering a core level of treatment functionality, the full Wardfast solution is scalable for volume production. We are also here to meet the operational needs of SME’s to provide staff and customer reassurance under any alert level.


Loyal – Passionately dedicated to our customers, suppliers and each other

Trustworthy – We take ownership and are clear, accurate and straight forward to work with

Progressive – Developing solutions for the future

Flexible – We adapt when needed

Collaborative – Working together, we draw on each others ideas to multiply our contribution for greater success



Through networking, collaboration and alignment WARDfast & PROTECTfast will deliver scalable healthcare solutions to enable hospitals, public places, the workforce, schools, care-centres etc. to safely operate in any alert level maintaining mitigation & prevention strategies. WARDfast & PROTECTfast will be able to satisfy government tenders & rapid deployment hospital scenarios ethically with the right product, delivered to the right place at the right time – fast – delivering on our brand promise.


WARDfast & PROTECTfast will be a global leader in innovation from our supply model and ability to scale through to the product offerings we bring to the market. We will be ready and available, easy to deal with, responsive and understanding with care and attention to detail no matter what exigencies we face to meet supply demands in critical times, times of need and times of care. We will bring opportunity through networking, collaboration and alignment from innovation and design stage to manufacturing and supply channels through to consumers and end users.